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Another ‘Sandra Oh movie role’ post, yay! I do have some kind of concept why I chose certain movies for one post, but it’s not a scientific method and pretty subjective (as are my rants about the movies).

The first movie is called BIG FAT LIAR (2002) and I’m not going to make a secret out of it, I didn’t like the story at all. Positive things about the movie: Paul Giamatti, John Cho and Sandra Oh.
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On to the next one - THE PRINCESS DIARIES (2001). Not my favourite but a quite cute movie. Sandra Oh is so funny in this one! The scene: "Gupta? Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh okay. The Queen is coming.” cracks me up every time. However I LOVE Julie Andrews and we have Hector Elizondo, too.
Vice Principal Gupta )

Something was funny about the TV-mini series FURTHER TALES OF THE CITY (2001). It’s bizarre but not completely my thing. Sandra’s role is pretty entertaining again, she does a great job as sassy assistant, but I’m not pleased to see her portraying the same sort of character over and over.
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The last one for today is BEAN (1997). Although I have to admit that I think this movie is just nice (I like Bean – the series though), it is very special for me. It was my first contact with Sandra Oh. I knew I went to the movies to see this movie when I was around 12 years old I guess ;) and no I don’t think Sandra Oh left a deeper impression on me at that time, but this was definitely the first movie where I noticed her.
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