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I keep on working my way through all the Sandra Oh movies and this post is a lot of fun, because I mean it: Don't blink or you'll miss her (in fact it might have happened to me, so if I missed a scene, tell me ☺ ).

This is one of Sandra's first TV appearances DEGRASSI HIGH: SCHOOL’S OUT (1992). Yes, she's the waitress in the background, I'm sure!
Waitress )

I totally recommend this movie: LE VIOLON ROUGE (1998). It was so amazing! The music, the whole story of the violin, I loved it! Sandra's appearance is at the very end of the movie, you can see her a few times sitting (I think she also has one line ;) ) in the audience during the auction. Funny: the guy playing her husband is Russell Yuen who starred with Sandra in ‘Long Life, Happiness & Prosperity' as her love interest Alvin and we also have Don McKellar who starred with Sandra in ‘Last night'…oh well those Canadian actors :D.
Madame Ming )

A movie with Ben Stiller PERMANENT MIDNIGHT (1998)! I’m not his biggest fan but there’s also Liz Torres :D.
Friend )

So…I don’t get to see Gillian Anderson and Sandra in one movie, but at least David Duchovny and Sandra in FULL FRONTAL (2002). They don’t have a scene together though.
Fourth Fired Employee )

This is one of my favourite movies of all time: HARD CANDY (2005). The story and the script are super amazing! And Ellen Page is the lead actress! Go watch it, now! Sandra and Ellen knew each other before, because they did ‘Wilby Wonderful’ together.
Judy Tokuda )

BREAK A LEG (2005): Yay, we have Molly Parker again, she’s great!
Young Turk )

One scene for Sandra in FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION (2006).
Marketing Person )

Blink and you miss her in BLINDNESS (2008). But the movie is good, I love Julianne Moore. The script was adapted by Don McKellar, who also appears in the movie.
Minister of Health )


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