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Update! Yeah I can't believe it either :)

SIDEWAYS: Stephanie (2004)
I need this movie to get through the summer months!
Stephanie )

Sandra + Ellen Page + Callum Keith Rennie ♥
Carol French )

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mostly older icons that I'm just posting here for reference

[001 - 108] cristina/owen
[109 - 123] misc grey's anatomy
[124 - 199] sandra oh
[200 - 225] misc grey's cast


For the longest time )
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I call this the "clean out icon post 2010". These are a lot of icons I made but never posted. Some are alternates from the challenges, some came to life just for twitter and some were just cropped but never edited properly ;). Also: I made a lot of new CO ones with a nice purple coloring that I love :).

[001 - 057] misc Grey's Anatomy
[058 - 115] Cristina/Owen
[116 - 132] Grey's Cast

Holidaze )
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CAGNEY & LACEY: The View Through the Glass Ceiling (1995)
Sandra + Tyne Daly = win!
Officer Angela Lum )

Sandra + Tyne Daly #2 = win²! Judging Amy is an amazing show. It’s about time it gets released on DVD. I watched it from start to finish and the reruns and the re-reruns! Sandra appeared in 3 episodes.
Detective Shelly Tran )

A novel adaption by Mark Billingham. Sarah Chen finally on screen!
Detective Sergeant Sarah Chen )

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This movie is just perfection from start to finish. Mina Shum wrote it and directed, Sandra Oh is in every scene. It's a beautiful Coming-of-Age story.

Jade Li )
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Finally a new Sandra post!

All the Canadians again! My lovelies Callum Keith Rennie, Molly Parker and Sandra Oh (sadly uncredited, although she has some actual lines ;) ). This a very dark movie. And I squeed again, because the casting director is Sid Kozak (x-files pilot, the diary of Evelyn Lau ;) ). Sorry for the horrid picture quality, couldn’t find a better version…
Social Worker )

This is such a nice show. I actually watched a few more episodes. Sandra is just in this one episode (4x02) though. Again, sorry for the quality, but it’s pretty much impossible to find a better source ;).
Mai Chi )

This is a show I always wanted to watch but never found the time to do so. Sad, because I’m sure it’s awesome. I don’t have much to say about Sandra’s appearance, she has two short scenes and she’s wearing a blond wig, so that makes it quite funny ;)
Porn Starlet )

Amazing movie! Love Sandra/Woody Harrelson together and I got a little more into Kat Dennings' work (she did some great movies, too…)
Dr. Ellen Park )
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It's celebration time! Watch and enjoy *some* of Sandra's public appearances over the last few years (mostly award shows and movie premieres).

And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. )
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Watch and enjoy three bigger parts for Sandra!

I thought I’m so gonna hate this movie when I first started to watch it and I was wrong… yes it’s overly cheesy, but the story is nice and omg the landscapes…Italy is so beautiful. Of course Sandra is stealing the show every time she’s on screen. But she makes a good couple with Kate Walsh. It’s really a nice movie and I’d definitely watch it again.
Patti )

CAKE (2005)
Best thing about Cake? The cast… ;) The story is…boring and ordinary. But there is Taye Diggs, Sarah Chalke, David Sutcliffe and of course Sandra to keep me entertained…although I thought her part was a tiny little bit stupid…well maybe I just don’t get the comedy in this movie ;).
Lulu )

This movie is so good. Robin Wright and Sandra are amazing together.
Phyllis MacIntyre )
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I keep on working my way through all the Sandra Oh movies and this post is a lot of fun, because I mean it: Don't blink or you'll miss her (in fact it might have happened to me, so if I missed a scene, tell me ☺ ).

This is one of Sandra's first TV appearances DEGRASSI HIGH: SCHOOL’S OUT (1992). Yes, she's the waitress in the background, I'm sure!
Waitress )

I totally recommend this movie: LE VIOLON ROUGE (1998). It was so amazing! The music, the whole story of the violin, I loved it! Sandra's appearance is at the very end of the movie, you can see her a few times sitting (I think she also has one line ;) ) in the audience during the auction. Funny: the guy playing her husband is Russell Yuen who starred with Sandra in ‘Long Life, Happiness & Prosperity' as her love interest Alvin and we also have Don McKellar who starred with Sandra in ‘Last night'…oh well those Canadian actors :D.
Madame Ming )

A movie with Ben Stiller PERMANENT MIDNIGHT (1998)! I’m not his biggest fan but there’s also Liz Torres :D.
Friend )

So…I don’t get to see Gillian Anderson and Sandra in one movie, but at least David Duchovny and Sandra in FULL FRONTAL (2002). They don’t have a scene together though.
Fourth Fired Employee )

This is one of my favourite movies of all time: HARD CANDY (2005). The story and the script are super amazing! And Ellen Page is the lead actress! Go watch it, now! Sandra and Ellen knew each other before, because they did ‘Wilby Wonderful’ together.
Judy Tokuda )

BREAK A LEG (2005): Yay, we have Molly Parker again, she’s great!
Young Turk )

One scene for Sandra in FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION (2006).
Marketing Person )

Blink and you miss her in BLINDNESS (2008). But the movie is good, I love Julianne Moore. The script was adapted by Don McKellar, who also appears in the movie.
Minister of Health )
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Adding another five amazing Sandra Oh movie appearances! Of course amazing because of Sandra but also amazing movies in general ;).

I really liked GUINEVERE (1999). It’s about a young woman who has a relationship with an older man. Sarah Polley plays the lead role and she’s so great! Sandra’s appearance is pretty short but her first scene is something one needs to hear, she has a major freak out, very awesome!
Cindy )

A very weird movie: WAKING THE DEAD (2000). The movie flips back and forth between the 70s (where the main character’s girlfriend died) and the 80s (where he lives now). He is haunted by his past. Shout out to Molly Parker! Sandra’s role is pretty small.
Kim )

Another weird movie: RICK (2003).
Michelle )

A pretty interesting idea was 3 NEEDLES (2005). Three short movies about Aids as one big movie. One story in China, one in Canada and one in Africa. Sandra plays one of three nuns in Africa. I’m sorry for the landscape caps, but I couldn’t skip them, they were too pretty.
Mary the Nun )

I think my favourite of today’s post is THE NIGHT LISTENER (2006), because omg…Robin Williams <3! This guy is a genius and together with Toni Collette and Sandra Oh, well there’s no way this movie could be bad…the storyline is amazing. I’m not going to spoil anything, because it’s a mystery thriller.
Anna )
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Another ‘Sandra Oh movie role’ post, yay! I do have some kind of concept why I chose certain movies for one post, but it’s not a scientific method and pretty subjective (as are my rants about the movies).

The first movie is called BIG FAT LIAR (2002) and I’m not going to make a secret out of it, I didn’t like the story at all. Positive things about the movie: Paul Giamatti, John Cho and Sandra Oh.
Phyllis Caldwell )

On to the next one - THE PRINCESS DIARIES (2001). Not my favourite but a quite cute movie. Sandra Oh is so funny in this one! The scene: "Gupta? Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh okay. The Queen is coming.” cracks me up every time. However I LOVE Julie Andrews and we have Hector Elizondo, too.
Vice Principal Gupta )

Something was funny about the TV-mini series FURTHER TALES OF THE CITY (2001). It’s bizarre but not completely my thing. Sandra’s role is pretty entertaining again, she does a great job as sassy assistant, but I’m not pleased to see her portraying the same sort of character over and over.
Bambi Kanetaka )

The last one for today is BEAN (1997). Although I have to admit that I think this movie is just nice (I like Bean – the series though), it is very special for me. It was my first contact with Sandra Oh. I knew I went to the movies to see this movie when I was around 12 years old I guess ;) and no I don’t think Sandra Oh left a deeper impression on me at that time, but this was definitely the first movie where I noticed her.
Bernice Schimmel )
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Since Sandra Oh News fooled us today ;), I decided to upload a few more picspams I made about Sandra.

The first one are four scenes she had in the TV Series 'Popular'. She appeared in episodes 1x02 and 1x03 (in 1999)
Humanities Teacher )

The second one is a favorite of mine. Sandra appeared in an episode of 'Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years' (episode 1x04 in 1995).
Ming Li )
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I finally managed to get a bootleg copy of 'The Diary of Evelyn Lau' a few months ago (you can find the movie on vimeo part 1, part 2, part 3). This is a picspam about a movie I've been chasing for a long time. After watching it for the first time, I knew it was worth the wait. It's a very dark and tragic story about a girl that gets abused by her parents (mostly her mother) and ends up as a street kid. Writing poetry is her way of escaping from reality. I don’t know if the pictures can live up to the movie. What Sandra Oh expresses with her eyes and body is simply indescribable.

"I'm not exactly in love with pain!" )

(huge picture post, 41 images, 30 MB!)

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Actually I just had an idea for a new Twitter background, but once you get started you can't stop making icons.

icons )


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