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mostly older icons that I'm just posting here for reference

[01 - 19] once upon a time
[20 - 29] the x-files / gillian / gillian/david
[30 - 44] misc (one tree hill, body of proof, lotr, gilmore girls, game of thrones, inception, remington steele, the prisoner, swingtown, vienna teng)


My name is Henry and I'm your son. )
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 Icons from episodes 1 and 2 of 'The Crimson Petal and the White'. It's mostly Romola Garai, Gillian Anderson, Shirley Henderson and Amanda Hale.


Participating in society is not a thing one can do naturally, one has to rehearse for it. )
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 20 Cristina Yang icons for [ profile] scenes20in20 


It's like a living freak show! )
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 20 Kathryn Janeway icons for [ profile] startrek20in20 


That is the theme for this evening, isn't it? )
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20 Cristina/Owen season 6 icons for [ profile] crowen20in20 


I'm with you because I love you! )
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mostly older icons that I'm just posting here for reference

[001 - 108] cristina/owen
[109 - 123] misc grey's anatomy
[124 - 199] sandra oh
[200 - 225] misc grey's cast


For the longest time )
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Cristina/Owen for [ profile] crowen20in20 


Single malt Scotch )
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 Nico Reilly for [ profile] character20n20 


Are you saying I'm overdressed? )
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 A little bit of Kevin because today is a good day!


Shonda Rhimes made him go to the dentist for the day )
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20 Lorelai Gilmore icons for [ profile] gilmore20in20


The fish flies at night. )
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I call this the "clean out icon post 2010". These are a lot of icons I made but never posted. Some are alternates from the challenges, some came to life just for twitter and some were just cropped but never edited properly ;). Also: I made a lot of new CO ones with a nice purple coloring that I love :).

[001 - 057] misc Grey's Anatomy
[058 - 115] Cristina/Owen
[116 - 132] Grey's Cast

Holidaze )


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